Sign the Contract

The Interconnection Customer is required to electronically sign the contract PDF. Once signed, an email notification is automatically sent to the Utility representative for review and electronic signature.

NOTE: To resend the contract signature request email, click the “Send Contract Signature Link” button from the Customer Application Status View.

The email subject line should be something like “Sign and Pay Contract for Proposed DER System”. The email message contains a hyperlink to watch an explanation video and the hyperlink to view and sign the contract PDF.

  1. Note the message at the top that you must scroll back up and click the Finish button after signing in order to complete the signed document.

  2. Click the Start button to jump to the first input requiring a selection, OR …

  3. Click inside the document area and use your mouse’s scroll wheel (or drag with your finger if using a touch device) to scroll through the entire document.

  4. Do NOT use the web browser’s scrollbar to scroll through the document’s pages.

    **Contact your Utility DER Coordinator if you are unsure about any selections to make in the Contract.

  5. On the signature page, click the signature box to add your full signature. Refer to the Interconnection Application signing instructions for an explanation of the signature input options.

Click the green Finish button at the top.
If the button label says “Next Step”, click the button and the document will jump to any sections left to be completed or the label will change to “Finish” if all sections are complete.
If you do not see any buttons at the top, use your browser’s scrollbar to scroll back up to the top of the web page.

Click the Finish button to complete

After clicking the Finish button, click the I Agree button if you agree to be legally bound by this document.

Agree to the Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: After clicking the I Agree button, please wait for the browser to redirect to the confirmation or payment page so background tasks can be completed..

If the contract specified an estimated interconnection cost to be paid with the contract, the next confirmation page will give some payment instructions. Otherwise, an email will automatically be sent to the Utility for their execution of the contract. You will receive notification once the contract has been fully executed.

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